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Naloxone Exchange is a service of Script Health and offers Naloxone, and comprehensive Naloxone kits starting at an economy price of $42 per dose (2 doses of medication and 2 nasal atomizers are required for administration, totaling $99). Shipping is an additional fee. Naloxone Exchange is not an emergency service and requires 3-5 business days for orders to be executed (expedited 1-day business shipping is available on request).

This list is for individual orders only – Group or Government purchasing prices vary.

List accurate as of 1/1/2020 and updated monthly. Naloxone Exchange does not handle insurance. All purchases are cash purchases. Our prices exclude shipping costs. Shipping costs is calculated separately. Prices may vary at other pharmacies. Pricing guidelines are available within the product selection form. For questions, please contact us.

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Naloxone HCI (LUER-JET)
(2)* 2mg/2mL


vs. $84 pharmacy average

(2) Nasal Atomizer included (required)

Atomizers are not included in pharmacy competitor price.

Narcan® (Naloxone HCI) 
(2)* 4mg/0.1mL


vs. $150 pharmacy average

Evzio® (Naloxone HCl)
(2)* 0.2mg/0.4mL

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*Each medication is packaged individually or as a Kit (which includes carrying case, gloves, mouth shield). Two doses included with each dispensed prescription.