How to Get Free Narcan

The CDC says the drug has saved at least 26,500 lives. The question remaining is, where can you get free Narcan?

Narcan is putting in work. It’s saving lives and it’s gone mainstream. Narcan (aka Naloxone) has been featured in blockbuster movies, the news, and hopefully, it’s in your home too.

Naloxone Exchange ( by Script Health offers the most affordable options for Narcan kits and Naloxone containing products online. For Individuals, we offer Narcan Nasal Spray Kits, and generic Naloxone Kit options (with naloxone syringe and atomizer, as well as vials) starting as low as $35! The medication is then filled and dispensed by a licensed US pharmacy. You can order online or by phone.

For organizations, we allow for bulk buying (and shipping) to all of your locations for as low as $30, or $49 for a Naloxone Kit, and affordable Narcan Kits as well. Our pharmacy ships to organizations in all 50 states. To get started you can purchase Narcan or Naloxone kits (HERE), and we typically have it to your door or office in 2-3 business days.

A Naloxone sign hanging in the city of Pittsburgh offering free Narcan.

While Naloxone and Narcan are not exactly OTC (over the counter), nXg creates an adjacent experience to having OTC Naloxone conveniently and with no prescription necessary.

Other organizations such as GoodRX offer Narcan Nasal Spray coupons at fair prices in your local pharmacy, with an average price of about $145. In many instances, you may go to your pharmacy and present your prescription drug insurance, and expect to pay a $20 co-pay (exceptions may occur) for Narcan. Via GoodRx, the lowest prices for the medication are listed at $130 however many CVS stores sell the medication for ~ $95 through an exclusive contract with Emergent Biosolutions, the maker of Narcan.

On the GoodRX website, Naloxone is also featured, but the price may often be misleading as they do not include the popular nasal atomizer that is typically required for intranasal use and adds an additional $15 to the drug costs. You can expect to buy the generic Naloxone (with an atomizer) for an average price of between $90-$120 via GoodRX, but don’t forget to ask for the Nasal Atomizer at the pharmacy! You may also want to call the pharmacy before you arrive to assure they have the drug in stock and accept your prescription drug insurance (if applicable).

Want Free Narcan? Want Free Naloxone? Free drug programs are beginning to become normal, and we want the world to know that Naloxone Exchange by Script Health is now powering Free pharmacy-based online Narcan and Naloxone programs for governments and organizations — where patients have full access to the life-saving medication, Naloxone training, and a licensed pharmacist to answer any questions that might come up.

Looking for free Naloxone or Narcan Now? Well, depending on where you live, there may be lots of options. You may search your nearest (local) Public Health office, which often offers free Narcan or Naloxone programs, or visit or search harm reduction non-profits in your area. Google has put together a stellar platform, Recover Together which contains a database of resources in each zip code to help access recovery-based resources, including a map of where to access Naloxone or Narcan in your community.

Next Distro, a partner of Script Health offers free mail-based Naloxone online. The organization, who does work that is nothing short of spectacular asks that requests for free Naloxone products are limited to people who have tried to purchase or access Naloxone in their community, and have faced significant challenges.

We’re thrilled to be fighting the nation’s opioid crisis. Our low-prices for Naloxone and Narcan are great for both individuals, and organizations that aim to buy or purchase Narcan Nasal Spray or Naloxone containing products and distribute to their community members for free.

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